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Authorised dealer in distributor for :- Osram, Ledvance, Bajaj, Wipro, Opple, Renesola, Surya, Venture, BAG, Fulham. Smart Lighting available in Svarochi.

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All indoor products like Led Bulbs, Led battens, Led Downlighters, Led panel, Track Lights Led spot lights, COB’s, G24 Lamps, CFLs, Candle lamps, G9, MH/SV/MV Ballasts, Gu10 lamps, Highway Lights, Surface Panels, Led strips, canopy lights etc. Special lamps like Halopar lamps, halospot lamps like Halopar lamps, halospot lamps, metal halide lamps, CDMT lamps, UV lamps, Halogen lamps, aviation lights etc. All type of led lights compatible for automation. Deals in AUTOMATION also.

All types of dimmable led drivers e.g. DALI, analog, Phase cut, All outdoor products like Spikes, Bollards, Flood Lights, Street Lights, Par Lights, Spot Lights, Ground burials, Bulkhead lights, foot lights, underwater lights, Fountain lights etc.

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Sachdeva Lighting Pvt Ltd

“Quality is our passion , We are known for our passion and delieverables. We give tried , tested and guranteed cost saving quality products to every customer whether its a domestic or corporate, We have solution for everyone.”

                                                Mr Vinod Sachdeva, Director ,                                                                             

“We want to provide our clients a combination of traditional and latest technology with highest effiiency and bestt competitive price”

                                                Mr Harish Sachdeva, Director , 

We were looking for a team who can guide us, educate us and simulteneously supply the best products at best prices, we found sachdeva team a dedicated team and up to mark as per our expectations. Specially Thanx to Vinod Ji and Harish Ji for their guidance and help in implementation.

Mr ParveshWe are blessed to have them

Sachdeva lighting has been a great lighting partner for us with deep understanding of innovations and technology. Harish Sachdeva and his team is always available round the clock with prompt responses as i get, and always innovative solutions and options of creative placements to make it more exciting and beautiful. I heartly recommend Sachdeva lighting for LED Lightings services for your corporates & commercials.

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